chad price

Life Grows Green is a lifestyle brand founded by Chad Price. Chad has always been passionate about the hemp plant, cannabis, and all natural products. From the lifestyle, to the community, to their healing properties, plants evoke a sense of joy and wellness in us all. Culturally there are still stigmas around cannabis and CBD products, but we are joining the movement to end those stigmas and embrace a higher level of consciousness.

Our goal at Life Grows Green is to source the highest quality ingredients directly from nature, and consistently bring that quality to our customers. By finding plants with beneficial ingredients and leaving them in their natural state as much as possible, we strive to help our customers fall in love with our plant-based products. As a company, we believe that Mother Earth offers us incredible healing properties that should be utilized before turning to other options.

We are incredibly excited to share our flagship CBD products with the world, but we have much more on the horizon. Our sights are set high, so keep an eye out for more high quality, natural products to come.