Black bohemian woman at the beach.

The Bohemian lifestyle reflects the individuality of those who choose it. The framework of the idea is the same; eclectic, natural styles blending together in uncommon ways. Its details are subject to many interpretations, like multi-faceted gems in a vintage ring. Regardless of the styles’ directions, they sparkle brilliantly in all the unique aspects of their unconventional aesthetics.

Bohemian style never seems never to fall far from the movement of the fashion world. Every once in a while, boho style is highlighted in magazines or debuted by high-end designers. It is still as fresh now as it was in the 1700s. Its ever-evolving umbrella merges elements from all over the world, yet the roots never change. Let’s explore some of these variations on Bohemian styles and look at some examples that the modern Bohemian would love.

Many people are intrigued by the vibrancy of a Bohemian person’s lifestyle. Their ability to eloquently express themselves without saying a word is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The style allows those who embrace it to create a visual expression of their inner world.

The unique blending of found, inherited, gifted, thrifted, and antique store gems give each person’s dwelling just the right amount of pizzazz. Within the culture of the Bohemian, many sub-genres of decor could take one’s breath away. Stylish Boho decor includes varieties like:

  • Vintage
  • Eclectic
  • AfroBohemian
  • Minimalist
  • Black

Follow along with us as we discover more about the Bohemian lifestyle where you can uncover a new passion for all things wild and strange.

Vintage Boho

Wicker peacock chair in orange, vintage bohemian bedroom.

Not to be confused with the word antique, this retro-style hails from an era that could be noted as the 60’s hippy. The shag rug, pop art, Volkswagen bus, free-spirited sun child inspired a mix of stylistic elements. These include all of the layered fabrics, bright, cheerful colors, furnishings, and art that you can find in a Vintage Bohemian home. Don’t forget the influential icons of the day that were instrumental in bringing this style to the mainstream world during the Civil Rights Movement and anti-war protests.

Rock legends adorned in Native American jewelry emerged on the stages of Woodstock, forever memorializing the spirit, music, and passion of the young American Boho hippy. This same spirit is still alive and thriving in global online communities that unite in their love of this era to show off gorgeous homes outfitted with handmade items. Some examples are:

  • Hand-made macrame
  • weathered Persian rugs with ikat patterns
  • Hand-carved woods
  • Potted monstera plants
  • Ivy in hanging baskets
  • Decorative woven wall baskets
  • Captivating peacock chairs
  • Beautifully aged textiles
  • Fringed fabrics saturated in gem tones from all over the world
  • Moroccan punch hole light fixtures that create astonishing patterns of shadows
  • Indian stools and floor pillows


Psychedelic color palette leads the way with yellows, purples, greens, and pinks. The ‘60s Bohemians were unapologetic about their use of colors, dressing their homes with the style of an elaborate technicolor dream coat.

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Eclectic Boho

An eclectic bohemian style bedroom.

The eclectic Boho style works with the idea that nothing needs to match, but somehow, everything still fits. Stripes meet polka dots and paisley; modern meets vintage and antique; french country meets southwestern with a twist of 60’s pop art, and California beach decor mixes with a hint of whatever inspires you next. By designing this way, you’re not boxed into a single concept. Instead, you are open to receiving inspiration from a little of everything—history, culture, art, music, fashion, science, and beyond. There’s a fluidity to the eclectic Bohemian spirit that allows growth one souvenir at a time. The mixtures of finishes and fabrics are blended into a unique feast for the eyes that no one can duplicate

Anything goes, but everything has its place. Each piece is treasured for the story of how it came to be in their possession. This style is put together piece by piece, slowly gathering items over time. It happens when finding a vintage oil painting, strolling through local boutiques, discovering a gorgeous Indian wind chime, stopping at a yard sale, or coming across an analog folding camera. Sometimes you find the pieces, and sometimes they find you.


Keep the pallet light and fresh with pops of color. The colors can be an electric blue next to a fiery orange and balanced out with a bright yellow. Add bold color to unexpected items such as a dresser found at a local flea market. Paint it bright green, striped, or patterned, and make it your own.

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Afro Bohemian

African Dashiki on clothing rack at outdoor market.

Wood, furs, and stones set the tone with carved tribal masks, exotic fabrics, and sweetgrass baskets bearing lush plants. Materials such as the dashiki print (a name that stems from the word “dansiki”) originated in Western Africa across to East Africa and are even found in the sacred Dogon burial grounds dating back to the 12th century in Southern Mali. The dashiki found its way to African American communities in the 1960s. In the language of Yoruba, it means “shirt.” Still, the term “dashiki” was coined by a young African American couple from Harlem who decided to mass-produce them, bringing these styles into the Black community to embrace their heritage.

Though the shirt originated as simple sun protection, it evolved into a symbol of the counterculture movement in the ’60s. It can be seen in The Museum of Modern Art and in elegant gowns that grace the red carpet and even in home decor. The Angelina and Kanga patterns from the dashiki are beautiful when printed on throw blankets or pillows and paired with a mud cloth couch. The African textiles speak through color. Here are some of the meanings intertwined in its colors.


  • Purple: femininity
  • Black: spiritual maturity
  • Green: growth (for crops and spirit)
  • Blue: peace and harmony
  • Silver: purity
  • Burgundy/maroon: Mother Earth
  • Yellow: beauty
  • White: worn for cleansing rites and festivities

Since every color holds a different message, add these rich tones to balance the natural elements in your space. It’s as warm and welcoming as it is fascinating to step into an AfroBohemian’s home.

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Black Boho

Black boho vintage bathtub bathroom with plants.

Black Boho is the darker version of our bright and colorful eclectic familiar Boho. Its rich deep colors come to the forefront instead of hiding in the trims of lace and vintage rugs with notes of the Victorian era in its element. Think Sherlock Holmes-style with a modern twist.

There’s a coziness to this kind of space when paired with natural elements. For instance, contrasting colors of wood are stored next to a black fireplace and a brass planter with snake plants. Vintage silver candlesticks can illuminate an antique desilvering mirror with a patina on the frame. Add texture and color to bring warmth to the space by hanging light-colored tapestry and adding a vintage Azilal rug with chunky knit throws or native tribal blankets and vintage Berber pillows.

This Bohemian looks to the depth for warmth and isn’t afraid to boldly display their antique bottles, globes, skulls, and crystals against a black backdrop.


Create this look by drenching the room in black or deep rich gem tones. Ruby reds, warm brown leathers, cream-colored wools, and emerald green velvets balance well against crisp whites. This room will be anything but cold when you add your very own black Bohemian touch.

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Minimalist Boho

Bohemian woman doing yoga in minimalist boho apartment.

Neutral colors and wicker with plants and sunshine are all it takes for a Minimalist Bohemian to feel right at home. Room to breathe is the essential piece for designing this space. Untethered to the abundance of creature comforts, the lack of objects exists to stimulate curiosity and grab one’s attention with carefully chosen pieces. This choice means that one can ditch distractions and relax within the room. A minimalistic Bohemian leaves space to do yoga and meditate, embracing open floor plans and ample light. They make use of the airy feel, creating the perfect Feng Shui in their space. You can almost hear the rainfall while taking in the beauty of the surroundings. The incense is burning, the kettle is on the fire, and the books are waiting for you.

Though they vary from home to home, the Bohemian styles share similar concepts–Tapestries, macramé’s, crystals, many plants, Persian rugs, and lots of light. Each piece is significant in their home and has a story of their journey. Every item is treasured, and they all reflect something that spoke to the individual’s soul.


In a minimalistic Bohemian space, keep colors light and airy. Creams, off whites, faded oranges, pinks, blues, greens, and reds will make a statement but not get in the way of the room. These elements call you to slow down and indulge in peacefulness, from the jute rug to the wicker peacock chair. Bring nature indoors with feathers, rocks and plants, and copper moon phase wall hanging.

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Resources for Boho inspiration

There are many different Bohemian groups between Facebook, Instagram, and beyond. You can find international online vendors such as Etsy and craft websites as well as larger retailers. Some favorites include Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Embrace whatever fits your style, from big box stores to boutiques that have embraced the Bohemian lifestyle in modern times.

Find your art and dig in

The essence of the free-spirited Bohemian is to submerge oneself in the surroundings that inspire creativity fully. What speaks to your soul when you tap into the right side of your brain? How do you express yourself? Allow your environment to be your happy place, a source of endless inspiration, and create a place to recharge. So, meditate, write your lyrics, and sing your song. This is your opportunity to express your unique style.

How do you embrace your space? Paint your masterpieces and crochet your macramés. Watch your Dracaena, Spider, and ZZ plants grow in this warm space. Let your home be where you dance to your favorite music, experiment with recreating the foods you tried while exploring, and connect with yourself as you discover the beauty of the world around you. Let your home tell your tale.

In Conclusion

There is no one definition of what Boho is since it’s tailored one person’s identity in a way that won’t fit another. This is because the Boho style is self-expression. It’s embracing yourself flaws and all, your heart is on your sleeve, and your tales are as colorful as the trinkets collected along the way.

It is a free, open, embracing, and welcoming lifestyle, full of music, art, and expression (between clothing, music, home decor right down to vacation style). Here at Life Grows Green, we are proud to serve the community with natural products that aid health and wellness. Check our shop for all your favorite apparel, accessories and CBD products.

How do you express yourself? Tell us in the comments below and check out our previous blog, How to Live a Bohemian Lifestyle.