CBD Product Comparison: CBD Oil, Softgels, Sports Cream, and Face Masks

CBD comes in many forms, including oils, creams, soft gels, facemasks, and many more. Here is a quick breakdown of the differences to help you choose the right CBD products for you.

CBD Softgel

  • How To Use It: CBD capsules or soft gels are taken orally
  • How It Works: CBD is absorbed through the digestive system
  • Dosage: Dosage control is easier because each capsule has a pre-measured amount of CBD; check the product packaging for dosing
  • How It’s Made: CBD capsules are usually filled with either CBD oil or CBD isolate, which is a powder-like substance
  • Sealed for Potency: CBD softgels have an airtight seal for maximum potency
  • No Mess: CBD gel capsules are less messy than oil
  • Durable: Softgels don’t crumble or fall apart in the bottle
  • Discreet Use: CBD gel capsules are more discreet for public use
  • Won’t Dissolve: They won’t dissolve in your mouth while swallowing
  • No Taste: CBD softgels have no texture, flavor, or aftertaste


  • How To Use It: CBD oil is usually taken orally under the tongue using a dropper, but there are many other ways to take it as well
  • How It Works: CBD oil is absorbed through the mucous membranes and directly enters the bloodstream
  • Dosage: Dosage is more flexible with CBD oil; check the product packaging for dosing instructions and recommended use
  • How It’s Made: The purest form of CBD oil is obtained by the carbon dioxide extraction method
  • Very Potent: CBD oil is often considered the most potent form of CBD
  • Easier to Swallow: Oils are easier to take than capsules for some people
  • Good for Pain: CBD oil is said to be the best CBD product for long-term and chronic pain
  • Add to Food: It is easy to add to food and drinks
  • Good for Pets: CBD oil is more convenient to use for pets using a dropper or adding it to their food
  • Variety of Options: Purchase flavored and unflavored CBD oil products

CBD Sports Cream

  • How To Use It: CBD sports creams are applied topically, directly to the site of pain
  • How It Works: The Cream and CBD absorb into your skin
  • Dosage: Each sports cream product is different, and recommended use can be found on the packaging
  • How It’s Made: A cream-based topical is infused with CBD
  • Reduces Inflammation: CBD sports cream is often used to reduce inflammation
  • Joint Pain: CBD creams may help ease joint pain
  • Targeted Pain Treatment: CBD sports cream is most useful in the targeted treatment of pain-affected areas of the body
  • Common Treatment for Sports Injuries: Frequently used by athletes for sports-related injuries and soothing sore muscles
  • Beneficial for Skin: CBD is known to provide many benefits for the skin and some CBD creams also include natural ingredients like vitamin E or aloe

CBD Face Mask

  • How To Use It: CBD face masks are applied topically to the face
  • How It Works: The CBD absorbs into your skin
  • Dosage: Each face mask product is different, but most face masks are applied two to three times per week depending on your skin sensitivity
  • How It’s Made: They usually come as a serum or cream that is infused with CBD oil
  • Easy Application: CBD face masks are very easy to apply by spreading the mask onto the skin of your face
  • Clear, Smooth Skin: They are often used to reduce inflammation, promote healing, decrease acne, and hydrate for clear, smooth skin
  • Get Rid of Headaches: Face masks infused with CBD are said to provide headache relief for some people
  • Reduce Puffiness and Inflammation: CBD face masks may help reduce the appearance of puffy and swollen eyes
  • Natural Skincare Alternative: One of the most popular natural, non-toxic alternative skincare solutions

It is really up to you to decide when it comes to choosing CBD products. After all, if one format were 100% superior to another, there would be no need to sell both! To shop and compare a variety of high-quality CBD products, visit our online store at today.



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