What CBD Products Sell the Most?

CBD products on the market today are becoming more impressive in ease of use and consumer-focused design. But what products are selling the most, and what do they do?

CBD Oils

  • A CBD extract that is diluted in a carrier oil
  • Carrier oils can be coconut oil, hemp seed oil, or something of similar quality
  • CBD oil is packaged in bottles with a pipette
  • Oils are easy to use, and the dosage is taken as drops
  • CBD hemp oil can come in concentrations between 250–1000mg per fluid ounce
  • An average dose of CBD oil is 20–40 mg daily, increasing by 5mg after the first week
  • A physician can provide dosage instructions, and correct amounts will depend on body weight, condition treated, and the type of CBD oil used
  • These products are available in flavors that are taken orally or added to food or drink
  • Some of the hemp oil benefits are improved concentration, focus, calm, sleep, and helping the body recover from heavy exercise or inflammation
  • For people suffering from cancer-related symptoms like nausea and pain, CBD oil can help them find relief

CBD Tinctures

  • CBD tinctures are alcohol-based liquids that extract the medicinal components from the cannabis plant material
  • CBD tinctures are generally 60–70% alcohol and have a 3–5 year shelf life
  • Some tinctures may contain additional herbal extracts, vitamins, or supplements
  • Alcohol tinctures can be bitter to taste, so the addition of glycerine, sweeteners, or other additives can be added to improve the flavor
  • CBD tinctures are taken orally and can be added to food and drinks
  • Tinctures can also be taken sublingually or under the tongue for faster absorption

CBD Capsules & Soft Gels

  • CBD capsules can contain ingredients that compliment or enhance the effects
  • Using capsules is a convenient way to transport CBD into the digestive system
  • Soft gels, like capsules, can have the addition of other ingredients or compounds to help improve the effects of the CBD
  • The soft gels or capsules a user chooses can contain additives that help target their area of focus to improve the function of the CBD oil
  • Often, capsules and soft gels contain binding agents like bovine gelatin, meaning these options wouldn’t be suitable for vegans and vegetarians

CBD Gummies & Edibles

  • CBD gummies are an edible food that contains cannabidiol
  • There are three types of CBD gummy: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate
  • Full-spectrum CBD gummies contain phytochemicals that occur naturally in the cannabis plant
  • The full-spectrum options also contain a small amount of THC, which is the psychoactive compound that can produce a feeling of euphoria
  • Broad-spectrum CBD gummies contain all the phytochemicals as the full-spectrum option, without the THC compounds
  • CDB isolate gummies are made with the pure form of CBD
  • CBD edibles are any ingestible cannabis that doesn’t require heat for activation, making it a convenient and often tasty option
  • Two of the most common types of edibles are CBD dominant and THC/CBD balanced
  • CBD dominant edibles contain little to no measurable THC
  • THC/CBD balanced edibles contain equal amounts of the two compounds
  • Using edibles won’t require any smoke going into the lungs, making them discreet, affordable, and often full of flavor

Topical CBD Products

  • CBD topical products include lotions, creams, salves, and gels
  • Topical CBD products contain skincare essentials like natural oils, herbal extracts, and vitamins which can improve the health and appearance of the skin
  • CBD products for sale today also contain antioxidants, B-complex vitamins, essential amino acids, and other compounds that are beneficial to the skin
  • Topical CBD products were designed to provide localized relief
  • An imbalance on the surface causes most skin problems, and by implementing topical CBD products, you can restore balance to the skin and reduce recurring issues
  • Many CBD topicals can also contain essential oils and ingredients that will help the skin absorb the compounds and improve the overall quality of the skin
  • CBD massage oil works well to soothe the skin and muscles while providing balance to the whole body

With so many CBD product options, it can be challenging to determine which one will work best for each individual. But by understanding how the products are used and what they do, it is easier to decide which one to choose based on the person’s needs.


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