Going at It Alone: How to Embrace a Solo Lifestyle

There are 34.75 million people who live alone in the United States, and the number only continues growing. If living a solo lifestyle sounds appealing, there are millions of others who agree. There are countless aspects to a successful life alone, many of them beneficial. Some key parts of living alone include developing new hobbies, building strong friendships, and traveling alone. Continue reading our guide on the benefits of living alone to see how it could be a promising future.

They Will Get to Know Themselves Better

The best way to get to know oneself better is to be introspective alone. Figuring out what one wants is easy when they live a solo lifestyle. Learning what works and what doesn’t for an individual is a big benefit to living alone. This can be found out through new hobbies, interests, friendships, and by simply sitting alone. Being single and living alone can be lonely, but this is not a negative thing. Combatting loneliness might start with realizing that one isn’t comfortable with the solo lifestyle just yet. Keeping themselves calm and productive will help when someone is transitioning to living alone. A person living solo might find their own key to what makes them truly happy, but it takes time and practice. Once they’ve found their favorite aspects of life and living alone, an individual has so much more to look forward to.

Their Home Is Decorated To Their Style

One benefit that those who live alone will find is that they are finally able to decorate their living spaces exactly the way they want to. A solo person might decide to decorate in themes or colors, or simply to their aesthetic. This can be a relieving way to express themselves through their new lifestyle. Oftentimes, couples argue on decorations and placement of objects, but living alone will free up a person’s expected obligations when it comes to living spaces.

If an individual is about to decorate their new living space, some things to add to their decor are:

  • Pillows
  • Pictures or artwork on the walls
  • A mini library
  • Candles or incense
  • Plants
  • Blankets
  • Organization tools

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating one’s own space. Freedom to choose whatever they want is usually the biggest perk of a solo person’s living arrangements.

They Can Clean to Their Liking

As with decorating their place to suit their style, a person who lives alone will find themselves able to clean their home to their liking. This can be extremely important to some and less important to others, but the freedom of cleaning can speak volumes when one lives alone. There are several ways to keep a home clean often, including:

  • Picking up and taking out the trash
  • Vacuuming
  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Making the bed
  • Washing the dishes

These are just some of the things one might do while living alone, but the benefit of this is that they’re able to do it themselves. Not having to depend on another person to clean, do the dishes, or take out the trash is incredibly freeing and a solo person might find that they like cleaning and tidying up even more.

They Might Enjoy a Pet’s Company

Whether a solo person enjoys cats, dogs, or birds, they might enjoy having one of these as a pet. Living alone can get lonely sometimes, but that’s normal and expected. If it’s companionship without the conversation that a solo person seeks, a pet is a wonderful companion. There are several things for a solo person to consider when looking towards getting a pet:

Their Budget

Do they have the resources to continually pay for food, vet appointments, and other accessories for their pet?

A solo individual might have to set aside more money than they’re used to in order to accommodate a new being living under their roof. This might mean spending less money on “fun” things, such as clothing, accessories, and decor.

Their Home

Is their house spacious, including a backyard?

If a dog is what a solo person considers, these things can be important to factor in while considering dog breeds and habits. Depending on the size and energy of the dog, this can be very important in deciding if a home is a right fit for it.

Their Patience

Do they have enough time and effort to spend on their new pet? Training, walking, and caring for a pet can be time-consuming and stressful for a while. Considering a pet will have a solo person factoring in everything about their lifestyle. However, people enjoy pets as companions when they choose to live alone. A solo person will have to commit to their new pet constantly, which will help with loneliness and desire for companionship but can be stressful and energy-consuming if they’re not ready for a pet.

They Get To Travel Peacefully Alone

A big aspect of a solo person’s lifestyle might include traveling alone. Traveling alone doesn’t have to be as lonely as some might think it is, and rather, it might be some of the best experiences a solo person can have. Visiting other states or countries can be a peaceful, exciting, or thrilling experience. Doing this alone means being able to avoid conflicts with others, skip out on arguments with a significant other, and save more money. Choosing places to travel to can be hard when an individual has many things on their bucket list. Some of the best trips can even be spontaneous, unexpected trips–all it takes is freedom and an adventurous spirit.

There are several things a solo traveler should keep in mind while planning their trips.

Research and Book in Advance

A beneficial thing to do and appreciate later is to research, plan, and book all activities beforehand. This can be crucial, especially if one is planning on traveling abroad. Researching and deciding certain aspects of a trip beforehand will help a solo person safely plan a trip. If they’re concerned about danger or potential violence on their trip, they can choose more woman-friendly or man-friendly spots to travel to. Staying safe means discerning between potentially dangerous places and tourist-friendly spots.

Making sure they book tickets and hotels in advance is important to set a plan in place–this way the solo traveler is rest assured that they have somewhere safe to be after a day of exploring and solo travel.

Have Conversations With Loved Ones

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to friends and family about wanting to travel away from home. Common problems a single person can face are a lack of understanding and worry from their peers. Planning a conversation with loved ones is a smart and effective thing to do before leaving on a solo trip. An individual should develop a conversation around their desires, what they’ll do on their trip, how they’ll stay safe, and their timeline. This will help their friends and family understand a little more. Of course, an individual’s loved ones will be worried but will hopefully understand why traveling solo can be beneficial.

Ultimately, traveling alone can be an incredible experience for a single person. Making sure to stay safe and smart during the process will make for an enjoyable and productive trip.

They Might Enjoy Venturing Out with CBD

Depending on the individual, CBD might be a pain reliever or a meditative practice for them. However they choose to use CBD, a person can explore what it looks like for them through their lifestyle. Consuming cannabinoids can be perfect for those looking for a relaxing pain reliever, or for those who want to use it recreationally. There are many benefits to using CBD products, including their effect on the body. This can be used for meditation, winding down, or relieving stress. For the solo lifestyle, CBD can be a desirable hobby to pursue. For those first starting out, a CBD user guide is the perfect tool to get familiar with the practice.

They Can Develop New Interests and Hobbies

Living a solo lifestyle doesn’t mean being alone. An individual can find themselves through hobbies and interests, alone or with others. If there’s a hobby or interest that is only budding in a solo person’s life, they should explore it further. This could be anything from reading more to learning to skydive. Developing strong hobbies through interests is a great way to keep oneself busy through a solo life. Some great ideas to explore include:

Picking up More Reading

There are countless books to read in the world, and even in nearby libraries. Grabbing a coffee and a library card will encourage a single person to pursue more reading. If they’re not sure what to read next, they can explore parts of the library or bookstore to spark their mind. Alternatively, if the solo person has read everything, there are countless lists of books to read before they die. This can be a great way to grow their knowledge while keeping themselves busy.

Learning a New Sport

If a person living solo is active, they can branch out by finding new sports to get involved in. Depending on their interests, these sports might look different to everyone. Picking up kayaking, boating, or swimming are great options for those who love the water. For those who love nature, running and hiking are productive ways to get into nature and on trails. If group activities are what an individual seeks, team sports can be a fulfilling and inspiring experience. Trying their hand at baseball, biking, or other team activities might be perfect for them.

Exploring Baking or Cooking

Picking up a love for baking or cooking is easy for those who are already foodies. However, it can be a great experience for someone looking for a challenge. An individual might lean more towards learning hard desserts to bake, such as macarons or delicate pastries, whereas others might find interest in cooking new dishes to wow their peers. If exploring a different side of baking, one might find that a guide on how to make edibles will inspire them to take their hobby in a new direction.

Getting Hands-on With Crafts

Crafting can be a great way to explore creative expression. Some might even find that they want to pursue side businesses in their creativity. An individual that appreciates art might try their own art creations using paint, pencils, or even their hands. For those who enjoy jewelry, beading and crafting clay or wire earrings and necklaces can be the perfect hobby. Another common way to express creativity through crafting is by crocheting or knitting new blankets, scarves, hats, and gifts for others. This is an easy, addicting practice that might be perfect for a solo lifestyle. Developing new hobbies can be freeing, rewarding, and entertaining for those who choose to live alone.

They Can Grow Strong Friendships With Others

Living a solo lifestyle doesn’t mean a life void of friendship–rather, it’s the opposite. An individual living alone will find that they might even seek friendships out more than ever before. If they’re friends with many people but haven’t grown their friendships stronger, living a solo lifestyle is a great opportunity to strengthen bonds. Having fewer responsibilities and obligations while living alone, a solo person has more chances to explore their friendships and acquaintances. There are several ways for them to approach others through activities, such as:

  • Picking up group hobbies, such as crafts or biking
  • Joining a book club or two
  • Enjoying frequent coffee at a favorite coffee shop
  • Getting involved with forums online

These opportunities are great ways for solo men or women to grow their friendships and create new ones.  Branching out and finding what works for their lifestyle while finding new interests at the same time is a successful way to bond with others.

Living a Solo Lifestyle Successfully

The benefits of living a solo lifestyle are endless. The beauty of it is that it’s different for everyone. What might work for some might not work for others. An individual can make the solo life work for them through their activities and their mindset.

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